2023 Teen & NMD Vision Board Workshop Recap

Over ten teens & NMDs (non-minor dependents) came together at our office on February 25, 2023, to creatively imagine their future on their terms at our Teen and NMD Vision Board Workshop. 

Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Volunteers, foster teens, and NMDs first participated in a warm-up activity to write words and phrases they wanted to manifest into the new year on the whiteboard. After completing the warm-up, a Child Advocates staff member went through a short demonstration and explained the purpose of vision boards; a collage of images and words representing a person’s wishes or goals intended to serve as inspiration or motivation.

CASA Volunteers and youth then gathered around the crafting tables for various materials, such as magazines, poster boards and stickers and planned the layout of their vision boards. The room was filled with soothing music, methodical planning and crafting, and many conversations about what kind of future our teens and NMDs envisioned. 

Over the course of two hours, the event resulted in a total of six stunning vision boards that showcased the CASAs, teens and NMDs’ future goals and dreams that will one day manifest into reality. The event promoted meaningful and positive conversations between CASAs and youth, goal setting, gratitude and an artistic reflection of our youth’s wants and dreams. After the event, CASA Volunteers, teens, and NMDs were offered home budgeting worksheets to help them achieve financial goals and were welcomed to explore the CASA Store, a dedicated room in the office filled with free necessities, activities and resources for our youth.

When foster youth experience trauma, there is an even greater need for supportive relationships. Social events like the Teen & NMD Vision Board Workshop creates a supportive environment to build relationships, which is imperative when creating positive outcomes for our youth.

The event was successful thanks to our supportive staff and CASA Volunteer, Summer Henderson.

If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring a youth-related event, please contact our development department at development@childadvocatessv.org.