Move and Groove: Outdoor Event for Foster Youth by Foster Youth!

Event: Move and Groove

Date: May 18, 2024

Location: Backesto Park, San Jose, CA

Population Served: Foster youth ages 13+

Event Highlights: 

This Foster Care Awareness Month, our foster youth organized Move & Groove, a day full of outdoor fun reflecting their unique wants and needs. This special event, held on May 18th, 2024, showcased the importance of giving young people agency in shaping their experiences. A dedicated youth committee led every aspect of the event, from brainstorming themes and activities to selecting the event name and planning the menu.

After much planning by our foster youth, the day came with much anticipation and our youth were able to have a lively celebration combining elements of music and sports. The festivities kicked off with an upbeat dance session, where participants could express themselves through movement to their favorite tunes. This was followed by a series of fun, interactive sports activities designed to get everyone moving and grooving together. The emphasis on physical well-being was clear, but the event also highlighted the joy and camaraderie that come from shared experiences.

Throughout the day, the atmosphere was filled with laughter, music, and a strong sense of community. ‘Move & Groove’ not only promoted physical health but also fostered connections and friendships among the participants.

 The event was a testament to the power of youth-led initiatives, showing that the results are truly inspiring when young people are given the opportunity to shape their own experiences. One of the priorities in our FY24-26 Strategic Plan is to create a more equitable service system. This starts by incorporating the lived experiences of the children and families we serve to influence and shape our programs, events and policies. We are incredibly proud of our youth committee for their creativity and leadership with this event, and we look forward to more events that empower and uplift our foster youth.

Thank you to everyone who supported ‘Move & Groove’ and helped make it a memorable and impactful day. If you have any questions or are interested in sponsoring a youth-related event, please contact our development department at