Agency Celebrates Social Workers

March is National Social Worker Month, a time to acknowledge social workers’ imperative service to our vulnerable communities. At Child Advocates of Silicon Valley, we recognize the invaluable support social workers provide to our foster youth and Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Volunteers. 

Social workers offer crucial information that enables CASA Volunteers to LIFT UP our children by providing tailored support to each child’s unique needs. They also assist CASAs by facilitating collaboration in the foster child’s life. 

Our CASA Specialist, Nicholas Aguilar, elaborates on the significance of social workers in our work:

“When I contemplate the remarkable dedication of our CASAs in aiding our most vulnerable, I often reflect that this effort isn’t solitary. The Department of Family and Children Services social workers play a pivotal role in arming our CASAs with the information to be effective advocates.”

With the unwavering support of social workers, CASAs can effectively STAND UP in the Court by advocating for the child’s best interests. One social worker who has excelled in connecting with our CASA Volunteers and supporting foster youth is Elvira Estevez. 

Our CASA Volunteer Jen and Michelle had the following to say about Elvira:

“Elvira Estevez epitomizes a Social Worker Extraordinaire. She surpasses her social worker role, ensuring every voice is heard and tirelessly addressing all concerns. A CASA could not wish for a more supportive, respectful, and mentoring Social Worker partner than Elvira. She validates diverse viewpoints, collaborates with all stakeholders involved in foster youth care, and values the insights of CASAs in guiding decisions for the youth.

Elvira is resourceful, professional and always prioritizes the wants and needs of the youth. Her partnership with CASAs ensures that foster youth can thrive as individuals and as part of a family.”

We are grateful to the efforts of social workers like Elvira Estevez, who SHOW UP for foster youth by helping meet each child’s needs.