Child Advocates Hosts Event at Veggielution for Foster Youth

Event: Gardening & Games Galore

Date: March 23, 2024

Location: Veggielution at Emma Prusch Farm Park

Population Served: Foster youth ages 7+

Event Highlights: 

Against the odds of cloudy skies and a chance of rain, on Saturday, March 23, 2024, our foster youth had a great time connecting with food and nature at Veggielution in Emma Prusch Farm Park. 

Kicking off the morning, our young explorers ventured into the park’s garden, where they uncovered fascinating facts about various plants. Following this, they gathered beneath the fragrant wisteria dome to engage in a soothing yoga session. The gentle breeze carried the scent of fresh wisteria, enhancing the tranquil atmosphere.  Once the yoga class finished, many of our youth were excited to find out they could keep their yoga mat!

Stations were set up where our kids could go through dirt looking for worms, paint with dirt, and pot succulents to continue the excitement. After completing these engaging activities, they had the opportunity to taste a variety of vegetables and participate in the exhilarating harvest of fully-grown mustards and broccoli.  Energized by their accomplishments, many of our young participants eagerly embraced the next challenge of rooting out the next plant.

“My favorite activity has been digging out plants! Veggielution is a 10 out of 10! “ – Foster Youth (Alex*)

After thoroughly exploring and harvesting from the garden and sampling various peas, broccoli, and more, it was time to conclude the day with a satisfying lunch. The day was brimming with fun, nature, and valuable learning experiences, all made possible by our partnership with Veggielution!

“The day has been full of great activities! It has completely occupied the two 8-year-olds I serve. They’ve been thrilled, even though they initially didn’t want to come. They painted with soil, did yoga, planted succulents, but taking old plants out of the garden beds has been their favorite! “ – CASA Volunteer Karen Krall

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*Disclaimer:  Some details about the foster youth have been altered in an effort to keep the youth’s identity anonymous.