Child Advocates Helps Foster Children Heal Through Sensory Play

Event: Sensory Day 

Date: March 2, 2024

Location: Child Advocates Main Office, Milpitas, CA

Population Served: Foster Youth (ages 0–21) with Disabilities

Event Highlights: 

Although the sporadic rain prevented us from enjoying the Animal Assisted Happiness Smile Farm, that didn’t stop our foster youth from having a barnyard bash at our main office! Saturday’s event focused on providing positive childhood experiences through mindfulness practices and activities proven to mitigate trauma.

“Sensory Day is a vibrant and inclusive experience designed to cater specifically to the developmental needs of foster children through engaging, hands-on activities,” said CASA Specialist Bryant Chao. “The event provides an environment where the youth can explore and learn in ways attuned to their individual sensory needs.”

After checking in, attendees explored the multiple activity stations throughout the office. Each station promoted sensory play by engaging sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing. 

From seeing the glitter swirl in a bottle to making friendship bracelets, foster kids and their CASAs bonded throughout the event. The kids enjoyed painting rocks, creating sensory tubs, and blowing bubbles. 

Once the rain cleared up, we received unexpected sunshine and a surprise visit from the Animal Assisted Happiness Smile Farm barnyard animals! Foster youth were able to enjoy outdoor sports activities provided by Allera Sports.

Overall, this event introduced the importance of sensory play to the children we serve and how imperative it is to childhood development in language and motor skills. Through tactile play, creative activities, and interactive learning stations, our children can develop life skills and emotional regulation in a supportive and understanding environment while creating positive experiences with their CASAs and other foster youth.

“My CASA child likes animals and was curious to pet and connect with each animal. Also, she wanted to do each of the activities. She likes to participate in new things, so I am thankful that such events are available. “ Karen Gill, CASA Volunteer

“[She] loved the animals, soccer and basketball activities outside and the art projects! She had a wonderful time, mainly because she could spend time with her brother! Thank you! “ Anuja Burns, CASA Volunteer

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