Child Advocates of Silicon Valley Receives the Highest Tier of Recognition in Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth and Families

Following the release of “The State of LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Child Welfare: 2023 Change-Makers Report,” All Children – All Families (ACAF) announced:

“This year’s report celebrates the commitment of change-makers across the country who have joined ACAF in transforming service delivery to the LGBTQ+ community in child welfare. Despite an unprecedented and dangerous spike in anti-LGBTQ+ legislative assaults sweeping across the States this year, more organizations than ever before are partnering with All Children – All Families to ensure their services are LGBTQ+ affirming and inclusive. This year’s report highlights 172 participants representing 43 states, employing more than 30,500 professionals and serving more than 1.4 million children, youth, and families.”

Participating organizations were recognized in one of three Tiers of Recognition, depending on the extent to which they implemented the ACAF Benchmarks of LGBTQ+ Inclusion. Child Advocates is proud to receive the third and highest tier of recognition: Innovative Inclusion.

“At this level, agencies are pushing themselves beyond the solid foundation they have built and implementing innovative approaches to LGBTQ+ inclusion in each of the seven key policy and practice areas. Benchmarks at this level also require agencies to demonstrate leadership in areas like policy advocacy or organizational partnerships. Organizations that achieve the Innovative Inclusion Tier receive the ‘Innovator’ Seal of Recognition.”

Child Advocates is one of only eight Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) organizations nationwide to receive this level of recognition.

Find the full report here: 2023 Change-Makers Report.