Advocate Spotlight: CASA Volunteer David SHOWS UP For LGBTQ+ Foster Youth

Representation matters—when I see myself, I see possibilities.

David had been attending a community group for trans men when he first learned about our Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Program. An info session left him feeling inspired, and he knew instantly that he was ready to become a CASA. He completed the training and made it his mission to give back to his community supporting LGBTQ+ youth. 

As a trans man, David truly understands what the coming-out process is like, and years of working in the education system taught him how to successfully communicate with and support LGBTQ+ youth. He knew there was a need for assistance in finding resources and the importance of being someone’s first point-of-contact when they are in crisis. 

Informed by his own experiences, David was driven to become a CASA with the hope of helping LGBTQ+ youth navigating similar journeys. 

As David reviewed the profiles for youth awaiting a CASA, he found Kyle, a vibrant 14-year-old boy who identifies as bisexual. One of Kyle’s greatest wishes was to have a safe space to talk—something David knew he could offer. They met a few short weeks after being paired and instantly hit it off. David and Kyle bonded over their love of drawing and have enjoyed sharing their artwork together. Every time David visits with Kyle, he brings a drawing pad and colored pencils so they can create something together. 

Their instant connection is no coincidence. David believes in the importance of affirming Kyle and making him feel welcomed and accepted just as he is. 

Building a one-to-one trusted relationship is the first step to being an effective CASA. From here, David will be able to identify what resources to advocate for, LIFTING UP Kyle’s voice in court. For now, Kyle has someone he can relate to, someone he can trust, and, most importantly, someone who can help him see what’s possible.    

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