Letters: Latino Community Should Step Up for Foster Youth

The Mercury News | May 31, 2023

By: Dora Beyer, Excite Credit Union

Re: “Retaining funding necessary for foster children to succeed” (Page A6, May 23).

In his opinion piece, Frederick J. Ferrer speaks to the healing nature of positive childhood experiences. As a former court appointed special advocate volunteer, I know this to be true. It also helps when the child can relate to their assigned volunteer.

As a bilingual, Spanish-speaking Latina, I was assigned to a bilingual Spanish-speaking Latina. Our language and cultural similarities allowed us to connect on a very deep level, which made it easier for us to build a trusting relationship. As Ferrer writes, Hispanic children are grossly overrepresented. This is alarming and requires further examination. It also calls on our Hispanic community to show up.

I’m certain our state representative will do what’s right and approve this funding. I implore my fellow Hispanic community members also to do what’s right and consider becoming a CASA Volunteer.