Teen Artist Supports Foster Kids


We here at Child Advocates of Silicon Valley are fortunate to have community champions who SHOW UP for foster youth in a variety of ways. Apoorva Panipadu is a talented teen, student, mathematician, public speaker, and one of our champions. She channels her art into philanthropy by auctioning it off for local non-profits. Child Advocates was honored to be the recipient of her powerful fundraising efforts back this spring.

For International Women’s Day 2021, Apoorva painted a portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the “Notorious” RBG, to honor her revolutionary work for gender equality. Thanks to her incredible artistic ability and her willingness to auction off the work, she raised $4,000 for Child Advocates; this included matching donations from EBay and ITalent Digital.

Advocacy comes in many forms and Apoorva is a shining example of the power of an Advocate Donor. Someone who champions foster children and brings supporters to our work. Thank you Apoorva, Ebay, and ITalent Digital for your support!