Refreshing Our Brand

Thank you to everyone that participated in shaping our brand refresh whether it was through a focus group, stakeholder interview or survey along the way – your feedback was instrumental! 

We are excited to officially unveil our new look and are grateful for the awesome support we have received. Child Advocates is highly trusted and respected by those who know us well. But critical segments of the Silicon Valley community including potential volunteers and donors do not yet know us or understand what we do.

With a modern and strong brand refresh, we will be able to support the following goals:

• Increase effectiveness of recruitment to diverse and underrepresented demographics, including men as well as the local Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities

• Attract a diverse donor base and achieve sustainable levels of funding by raising awareness of our impact

• Increase volunteer retention by enhancing support services and recognition to create loyalty and connection to Child Advocates

• Recruit, hire and retain highly qualified staff who can contribute to organizational success and promote a positive work environment

We strongly believe this brand refresh will assist us in LIFTING UP our cause and deepen our impact, by expanding our outreach to recruit even more volunteers to serve more kids